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Counsellor in Ontario

Hello, I founded Smart Sense Counselling in 2019 to provide psychotherapy for individuals and couples online throughout Ontario.

With over 21 years of experience in healthcare, my practice has grown to focus on management of anxiety and grief in two significant areas:


~Supporting people with fertility issues, fertility treatment decisions, pregnancy and post partum stressors, and sometimes also moving from fertility to alternative parenting options, which often involves management of anxiety and grief responses.~

~Supporting teens, adults, and seniors, with mood concerns from life stressors, I specialize in helping people manage chronic or life threatening illness~


 Culturally sensitive, I work with clients to better understand their beliefs and cultural views and how it impacts their struggles.

You Can Do This
Hello, I’m Deanna

Thank you for taking the first important steps to feeling better and living well.  I am offering psychotherapy across Ontario.

You’re beginning a new journey through counselling.

Whatever you’re experiencing, reaching out for help is not easy. We’re living in a very busy and uncertain world, and you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a safe space to step away.

Every person’s reality is equally important. Something that’s bothering you may not bother someone else in the same way. Similarly, you or a loved one may be experiencing significant health worries. You're finding yourself needing to talk, yet you want your supports to believe you are strong.


Having mood concerns or worries can make you feel quite helpless and alone.

At Smart Sense Counselling, I'm focused on you and no problem is too big or too small. You are unique and we will work on whatever thoughts, feelings or moods you need support with.

Does counselling really work? Yes it can. I’ll help you look at worrisome, negative or lingering beliefs and thoughts, to simply live better, even in crisis. 

You can do this.

Deanna Kiley, MSW, RSW, MHS

Founder, Counsellor

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Therapy in Ontario

We Can Do This Together
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Anxiety is an emotion experienced by feelings of worry, tension, and uneasiness. Anxiety can be treated, and with cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), you can learn to identify triggers or challenging thought patterns and change how you respond to them.

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 Health concerns arise throughout the life cycle.  You can count on my experience in helping women who encounter mood changes, including distress and anxiety, associated with menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause.

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Anxiety happens when you or a loved one is diagnosed with a chronic or life-threatening illness.  Responses can be fear, sadness, and anger; or relief, numbness, and ambivalence.  All of which, you might struggle to understand. Illness can impact your relationships, your work, and your finances.

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Grief is an experience of mixed feelings, including sadness, when a person experiences significant loss. The loss can be a person or special companion, but can also be a job, a pregnancy, a lifestyle, a promotion, or the loss of a friendship.  

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Fertility is a journey of hope, little surprises, big disappointments, discovery, big losses, little wins, determination, and small miracles. If you need to talk or you need someone to offer ideas on managing your roller coaster journey through fertility, you’ve found the right space.

Online Class

Our counselling or psychotherapy sessions are offered online through, a Canadian healthcare telemedicine provider. They comply with HIPAA, GDPR, PHIPA/PIPEDA, & HITECH requirements.

Counsellor in Ontario

Welcome to Smart Sense Counselling

Smart Sense Counselling provides psychotherapy for individuals and couples in Ontario. Founded by Deanna Kiley, with over 21 years of experience in healthcare, I help people with anxiety, grief, and fertility issues. My practice is mindfully inclusive, and I support clients work through life stressors respectful of their beliefs, cultural views, and gender identity.

Psychotherapy in Ontario

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