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Psychotherapy for Depression

Depression is an illness or mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest in life. Depression affects how you feel and think, and may lead you to have feelings of worthlessness.

It can cause you to have problems remembering things or concentrating. If you haven’t been enjoying life or functioning at your same level in family life, sports, or other activities, you may be experiencing symptoms of depression.

Depression symptoms vary from mild to severe and may include:

  • Feeling sad or having a depressed mood, feeling sad for no reason

  • Loss of interest or pleasure in activities, like work, school or social relationships

  • Don’t feel like being around people at all but feel lonely

  • Changes in appetite and weight

  • Sleep problems: not being able to sleep or sleeping too much

  • Loss of energy or increased fatigue

  • Feeling agitated or have “slowed down” in everything you do

  • Feeling helpless, hopeless, worthless, or guilty

  • Crying a lot or feeling like crying but being unable to actually cry

  • Feeling insecure or low self-esteem

  • Difficulty thinking, concentrating or making decisions

  • Thoughts of death or suicide

Feeling depressed? The main symptom of depression is a sad, despairing mood that:

  • is present most days and lasts most of the day

  • lasts for more than two weeks

  • impairs your performance at work, at school, or in social relationships

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Each counselling session is $160, and may be covered by your work healthcare provider.

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